Penny plus d.o.o. Sarajevo
Headquarters: Igmanska , 71320 Vogošća -Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Founded by the decision of the founderNo. 1/96 on 21.03.1996.
Registered at the Higher Court in Sarajevo, decision no. UF / I- 977/96 with the admission date 30.01.1997.
Registration number of the subject: 1-18028.
Activity code: 52.460.

Penny plus d.o.o Sarajevo is a limited company (Ltd.) for export-import, wholesale and retail trade, manufacturing and services with headquarters in Sarajevo, it was founded in 1996. In the area of Sarajevo Canton, Penny plus has four sales centers for sale of high-quality building materials from domestic and foreign manufacturers and five Penny markets for sale of food products and consumer goods with a clear objective to further develop and expand capacity.
Today we employ over 300 workers with a tendency of continuous growth and job creation. Our company takes care of its employees, aware that only with qualified and motivated employees can provide the best service and a pleasant shopping in a pleasant environment for our customers, and as a socially responsible company we care about the environment.

With the desire to provide customers with the best prices and to enable domestic manufacturers better placement of their products in BH market, Penny plus expandedits activity in 2012 to trade food and consumer goods. The first "Penny market" was opened at Alpašino polje, and then two more markets in Velešići and Vogošća, with plans to open new branches.

The main activity of the company is retail, wholesales and distribution of food and non-food products - building materials, plumbing, electric equpment, plastic, tiles, dry construction, sanitary ware, tools, laminate flooring, timber, insulation, painting equipment, paints and varnishes, wallpapers, iron, household supplies, fitness and bodybuilding equipment, equipment for hairdressing salons, gardening items, etc... and consumer goods, foodstuff, hygiene, home appliances and textiles.

In our constantly growing offer, Penny plus trade centerssupply over 70,000 items for construction, decoration and consumer goods from the world's and domestic leading manufacturers. In addition Penny plus customers have at their disposal a number of services, some of which are delivery of goods, cutting and edgingof plywood, cutting granite slabs and expert advice combined with excellent conditions and the possibility of paying in installments.

The aim of Penny plus Ltd is to be a synonym for a company that constantly sets higher standards in the field of business, trade and investment, as well as in the field of life standard and not only does it introduces new habits and trends, but also foresees them and creates them . A synonym for a company that operates in collusion with the time that is coming.


The mission of our company is:

* To supply domestic market with a high quality products for construction, home, garden, etc.;
* To complete satisfaction and expectations.


With our services, we see ourselves in the near future as a leader in the domestic market in offering top products and materials for construction, home, garden and the service and the quality of products and materials.


Our strategy is based on:

1. Partnership with customers
Customer satisfaction is placed first in all activities carried out with the goal, but our goal is to not only meet but also exceed customer expectations, quality service and products. We will deliver products on time, meet the needs and expectations of customers and identify customer requirements through open communication, monitoring and analysis of satisfaction with the complaints.

2. Employees
Accepting the new knowledge and technologies is a prerequisite for progress with quality training and education. this strategy are based on continuous education and training of all employees. We will support teamwork, but also insist on personal responsibility and initiative of each employee.

3. Relations with suppliers
Relationship with suppliers will be cherished with mutual interests and the development of good partnerships.

4. Satisfying stakeholders
Penny plus d.o.o. Sarajevo will develop and expand wit satisfying the wishes and expectations of all stakeholders: business partners, employees, owners, suppliers, government institutions and institutions of the community at the same time.

Quality Policy

Our policy is based on:

* Fostering and improving relations with our customers;
* Continuous improvement of service quality;
* Delivery of products on time and well business communications with partners;
* Continuous activity in acquiring new and improving existing relationships with business partners;
* Select reliable suppliers of products and other materials;
* Ensuring continuity of quality products and materials procurement;
* Continuous education of employees who perform tasks of importance for the quality system;
* Outrun conditions for the continuous improvement of business processes;
* Ongoing analysis of customer demands for quick realization of these demands with respect and preserve their integrity;
* The aim of our activities comply with national, European and international codes, laws, regulations and standards;
* The development and application of all necessary actions in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2000.

Commitment and obligation of all employees is respect for the quality policy that ensures progress on the above principles.

Download SGS ISO 9001:2000