Tinting colors

Hand-tinting of dye with color pigments is quite hard work, which in most cases results in undesirable hue. The problem is repeated when you need a little color in the same shade to repair the wall after subsequent works, covering stains or dirty walls and similar situations.
To avoid the tiring and uncertain task of dye hand-tinting, we offer the option of a computer mixing and toning color to a shade of your choice. You have ta your disposal a color chart with a whole range of different shades of all colors, a total of more than 1000 shades.
Bases and pigments to obtain the desired shades are of high quality and washable. With the help of our friendly and professional staff you will surely find the right shade of your choice.

Payment in installments

Dear customers,
We are able to offer you purchase in installments through:

1. Raiffeisen Master Card Shopping Card - a maximum of 12 installments with minimum transaction amount of 100,00 KM
2. Unicredit credit card - a maximum of 12 installments with minimum transactionamount of 100,00 KM
3. Intesa Sanpaolo credit cards - Maximum up to 6 installmentswith minimum transactionamount of 100,00 KM

Currency Exchange

In cooperation with BBI bank, Penny plus in its shopping centers Velešići, Neđarići and Alipašino polje can exchange foreign currencies. Currency exchange works every day including Sunday.

Construction services

Construction operations

Construction building

  • Construction of residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings.
  • Reconstruction, renovation and rehabilitation of existing facilities.
  • Reinforced concrete works
  • Masonry works
  • Building - craft works
  • Wiring
  • Mechanical installations
  • Water supply and sewerage
  • Fine construction work
  • Interior work
  • Maintenance of facilities

Land construction

  • Preparation and arrangement of construction land.
  • Excavations
  • External arrangement
  • Construction of various facilities

Planning and design

  • Design of all types of facilities in construction work.
  • Interior design
  • Planning and design of furniture and equipment

Edging and cutting of plywood

Many years of our experience when it comes to processing wood and edging gives us the ability to offer our clients excellent conditions which are recognized by many craftsmen, carpenters, architects ... Penny plus sales center is equipped with a large daily capacity machine, high quality edging machine, and manual cut machine for boards with small and transport cuts. High quality services and equipment for all your requests as a carpenter and craftsman to perform more efficiently, better and faster. It is important to note that our services and benefits that we offer to carpenters and customers do not apply only on the area of the Sarajevo Canton, where our offices are located, but also for the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you are an architect or designer and you work in the field of interior design, you can contact us because we have prepared excellent opportunities for cooperation. On tailored plywood, according to your wishes and needs, we perform quality edging from our wide range of edging tapes.

Cutting granite elements to measure

You dont need expensive tools to get the job done because Penny plus shopping centers in order to facilitate our customers to set up window seals, walkways and slabs made of granite, offer cutting of granite elements according to your measurements.

Replacement of goods

If you bought too much or little as you need, we offer you the opportunity to exchange goods. If you are not satisfied with the purchased products in our center, or want to replace it for another product, please visit our shopping center and do it. Replacement of the goods may be made only with original receipt, within 7 days from date of purchase. Products that are returned must be packed in original packaging, unused and undamaged.

Home delivery

To make shopping quick and easy, we offer delivery of most of the products you purchased.


With our experience, and with the cooperation of our employees and users of our products, we provide our customers with advice on how to install goods and quality of the products. The definition needs to recognize the requirements for service quality, security, control and management infrastructure etc. Many years of experience, trained and certified experts in Penny plus are the guarantee of the maximum.

Repairs & Guarantee

In a joint collaboration of our business partners, authorized services perform the repair of certain products during the warranty period and the original bill and warranty sheet.