Why Penny plus?

We are a local company that puts the customer on the first place and we're trying that they get what they expect for the price paid.

We are a company that strives our employees get adequate salaries and rewards for accomplished work, job security and satisfaction in the workplace.

Payments of obligations to our suppliers, long-term cooperation with them, and fair, equitable and honest relationship is our overriding goal.

Our owners expect from us a return on investment, increase the value of their shares and the value of the company, continuous growth and development, unlimited business - and we are here to fulfill these expectations.

Our lenders expect from us proper settle of the obligations - interest and principal, smart investment and stability for our company. We try to make these expectations fulfilled.

Our company comply with the laws of B&H and properly perform its obligations, paying taxes and contributions to the currently applicable regulations, which are monitored and implemented by our employees. Fair dealings that state expects from us we implement.

The community, which is expected to comply with all environmental standards is pleased with our relationship to the environment in which we exist and work. Security of people's lives and contribute to the development community is our top priority. We are really creating jobs and reducing unemployment.

Our managers who expect adequate compensation for their work, and satisfied with them, are trying to raise the social status of our company, to promote success, job satisfaction and improving activities in the organization.

All of this is the result of your trust and loyalty, dear customers.

Yours sincerely - Penny plus Management